Don't Feel like Dealing with your Laundry ?  

You don't have too ! 

At Laundro Magic Coin-Op Laundromat we take your laundry work seriously.  Don't feel like doing laundry?  You're down to last pair of socks and your favorite shirt is at the bottom of your laundry Hamper?  No problem!   Just Drop it off before 10:00 AM Weekdays and Saturday and we will have your laundry done.  Fresh, Clean and Folded, ready for you by 4:00 PM. 

  We use the best detergents, the best laundry equipment made and our expert laundry techs make quick work of your most neglected laundry calamities.  

Don't have a ride, No place to park?  No worries, We can pick up your worst laundry nightmares and take the whole hassle off your plate.*  We Wash, Dry & Fold your laundry and get it back to you, fresh, clean and folded.  Same day service is available. Most turnaround times are less then 24 Hours, Weekdays.  48 HOURS after 4PM on Saturday .  We are closed on Sundays and Do Not Process orders after 4:00 PM on Saturdays.

Even though our brand new machines are impressive and Laundro Magic has a sweet setup, HDTV and Free WiFi, We understand that you have better places to be than a Laundromat, and better use of your time than doing laundry...  Besides, We are Laundry experts. Leave your Laundry to Laudro Magic laundry care team.  delivery fees apply. $6 and a minimum size order of 15 LBS.  

Our Results speak for Themselves